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Welcome to London Table Football Championship (LTFC).


  • Find out where to practise table football in London using our up to date venue location map and participate in monthly Championship tournaments to meet new fun loving competitive foosball players.

  • LTFC organises open singles, open doubles and rookie tournaments using ITSF "Official Competition" rules and tables: BONZINI, GARLANDO, LEONHART and TORNADO.

  • All players get ranking points determined on their performance and the amount of participants in each event. Those points are cumulated monthly into a yearly leader board (jan - dec) with the top 3 players entering the LTFC "Hall of Fame".

  • Players entering the "Hall of Fame" in 2019 each receive an engraved thophy.

  • Meetup for fun and to practice outside LTFC events by using our fan page, group and chats on Facebook.

  • Pre-register in upcoming LTFC tournaments by booking yor place using ticketweb: ticketweb


    1-Stephen Lyall-31
    2-Dave Ziemann-19
    2-Mike Amsden -19
    4-Rhys Roberts-18.5
    5-Miklos Csabi-17
    6-Bertalan Horvath-15
    7-Will Hawkes-14
    8-Jonathan May-12
    8-Sandor Lestyan-12
    10-Samuel Dawkins-11
    10-Vito Migliore -11
    12-Joe Watters-10
    13-Peter Maslik-9
    14-Jose Rijo Oliveira-8.5
    15-Andrei Russell Gebbett-7
    15-Claudio Polimeni-7
    15- Edina Forgacs-7
    15-J-P Thompson-7
    15-Khalil Blili-7
    15-Kai Jaeger -7
    15- Patrik Németh-7
    15-Richard Marsh -7

    Full rankings click here


    • LTFC - TORNADO - Open Doubles @ Anglia Grove - Feb 2019Gold Medal: M.Amsden & S.Lyall - Silver Medal: D.Ziemann & R.Roberts - Bronze Medal: V.Miglior & S.Dawkins
    • LTFC - GARLANDO - Open Doubles @ Anglia Grove - Jan 2019Gold Medal: Jon May & Steve Lyall
    • LTFC - GARLANDO - Open Doubles @ Anglia Grove - Jan 2019Silver Medal: Miklos Csabi & Will Hawkes
    • LTFC - GARLANDO - Open Doubles @ Anglia Grove - Jan 2019Bronze Medal: Bertie Horvath & Sandor Lestyan
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