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LONDON TEAM LEAGUE - Part of British Foosball Association (BFA) CUP




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A Registered BFA Foosball Club, at its most basic, consists of four or more players, at least one foosball table, and a team captain, which is registered as a club with the BFA.

In most European countries, foosball is organised on a club structure.
Club membership is the way forward to organise grass-roots foosball in the UK, linking local players into the national scene.

We are providing an easy-to-use club structure with low-maintenance, which can apply to any type of venue or club.

Clubs provide a vital point of contact drawing new players in the area together and providing a focal point for organised foosball sessions and social activities.

BFA Registered Clubs

BFA Club membership allows representation and voting rights for groups of players at any UK venue, be it a pub, club, university, college or school, or private business or residence.

Clubs must adhere to official rules and any specified requirements of the BFA (e.g. regarding non-discrimination, democratic structure, accounting etc)

Member clubs must apply for recognition via the Official Club Membership Form.

Clubs must adopt the Standard Club Constitution unless they are required (e.g. University Societies) to adopt a different constitution, if so a copy of the constitution must be provided to the BFA.

Clubs must register a minimum of 4x players, there is no limit to the number of players who can be members of any particular club


Club Membership offers the following benefits

  • Provisional BFA membership for all registered players
  • Full BFA membership to registered BFA Cup team members
  • Eligibility to compete in BFA team competitions (including but not limited to the BFA Cup) Only teams affiliated to registered clubs may compete in the BFA Cup!
  • Ability to attend and vote at General Meetings (1 vote per club in addition to representatives individual vote if representative is a full member)
  • Representation on relevant BFA Commissions and Working Groups


Club affiliation fees are free until further notice.
It is a matter for individual clubs whether or not to charge any membership fees to players.

The BFA Cup

The first BFA Cup (UK Club Championships) was held in Autumn 2011. Details for 2012 are yet to be finalised. Clubs can enter one or more teams to this competition.


Players can be members of/registered by more than one club or team, but cannot play for more than one club/team in any competition.
Exceptions – Players can play for two or more teams in different local leagues (not more than one team per league) but should two or more such teams qualify for regional/national stages, the player can only represent the first team for whom he or she played a match.

7 Steps to becoming a Registered BFA Club

Step 1
Get 4 people interested

Step 2
Download the template constitution (University Societies may be required to adopt their own approved constitution) and hold a meeting to adopt it.

Step 3
Elect a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer (and other officers as required) – The secretary should take minutes of the meeting.

Step 4
Register the club online, or download the application form and register via post or fax

Step 5
At least one committee member must be registered on the Britfoos discussion forum to be primary club contact, in addition all team captains must register on the Britfoos forum

Step 6
Clubs must submit any updates of club members promptly, and at least 7 days prior to any new member competing in a match.

Step 7
Clubs are encouraged to provide information so a webpage can be constructed, including photographs of the venue, club officials, team members and/or all registered players

A membership form and draft constitution are available to download online. Full names, years of birth and nationality details are required for all registered players/club members, with contact details (e-mail or mobile phone number – except for Junior players). The form and signed constitution must be completed online or submitted to the BFA via e-mail fax or post.

Register your club online here »

 BFA Club Trophy

 A Guide For Clubs

The BFA Club Trophy is a season-long competition amongst all British table football clubs. A season lasts a full calendar year. Clubs compete against each other by scoring points at tournaments. The amount of points a club scores at a tournament is determined by how well that club’s players perform in the tournament events. At the end of the season a prize will go to the club with the most points.

Club Entry Requirements: Any registered BFA Club may enter the BFA Club Trophy, and they may do so at any time during the season. If you are a group of players that aren’t part of a club then you can either join one of our existing clubs by getting in touch with them, or register your own club for free.

Included Tournaments: Any tournament in the UK of a sufficient size and quality is eligible to be included as one at which clubs can score points in the Club Trophy. Each tournament is judged on its own merits for inclusion, and a decision is then made by the BFA committee before the event is announced. Tournaments are judged mainly on accessibility and scale, but unless there are extenuating circumstances then almost all BFA certified tournaments will be included.

Submitting Your Players: In order for us to know which players at a tournament are representing the various clubs, we ask that your players fill out a pre-registration form before the event. On this form will be a section in which they can specify the club that they play for. This will both register them with your club at the tournament, and notify the organisers of their attendance and the events in which they will play. Electronic pre-registration forms will be made available leading up to each tournament, and can be submitted on our website.

Scoring Points: A player’s finishing position in the events that they’ve entered determines how many points they score for their club. In the Open events, points are given out to clubs with players that place in tenth position or higher. In other events points are given out to clubs with players that place in fifth position or higher. For a full breakdown of the points given out by position, take a look at the points breakdown.

Viewing Results: Shortly after each tournament we’ll publish a breakdown of how the clubs have performed, and update our league table. We’ll also publish information about each player’s performance so that your club can see who is winning the most points.